вторник, 28 февраля 2012 г.

Eyebrows 08, fixed 04 and 05

Sorry about the links. Now most of my creations are reuploaded to MediaFire (some of them I could not find).
All the eyebrows for adults are in one file. Hope that doesn't bother you ^^

Here are fixed versions of eyebrows 04 and 05.They won't replace the previous versions of them. I just thought these variations are much better.

DOWNLOAD (all eyebrows):

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  1. are those eyelashes available to download?

  2. Unfortunately they look fine only in the closeup and in CAS. If I find out how to make them not dissapearing I will upload them^^

  3. Анонимный30 июля 2012 г., 19:12

    Hello! I love your female sim in here! I was wondering if you would be willing to share her? Love the brows! MY new favorite! :)

  4. Анонимный30 июля 2012 г., 19:19

    Is that female sim available? She's gorgeous! Love her+ the eyebrows.

  5. So beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your creations!! <3